Solid Credits, Premium Returns

Many investors are now looking outside traditional bonds and equities towards opportunities that provide superior risk adjusted income streams. Incorporating non-traditional or alternative asset classes into your portfolio can generate higher yields that offer diversification benefits and lowers volatility. YFG’s offerings are designed to provide investors with access to a diversified portfolio of alternative income-producing asset classes that offer the potential for higher yields at relatively lower risk.

Investor Highlights

  • Attractive Yields: provides investors seeking income with a higher yield than portfolios investing in more traditional income producing asset classes

  • Lower Volatility: diversification benefits offered by investments in alternative asset classes that aim to lower volatility

  • Tax Efficiency: potential tax advantages for non-registered accounts

  • Access to unique sources of income: YFG’s flexible investment strategy focuses on alternative income producing assets classes that are often beyond the reach of the average investor

  • Right team for the right job: the management team at Yield Funding Group has 72 years of combined business, operational, and investment experience

Why Investors Choose YFG

  • Access a new asset class: Institutions can purchase business loans through Yield Funding Group

  • Generate cash flow and competitive yields: Yield Funding Group delivers credits and loans in specific business verticals that deliver consistently higher risk-adjusted returns throughout different interest rate environments. Today, while other fixed income assets continue to yield near zero, loans available through the Yield Funding Group platform generate superior income and consistent cash flows

  • Seek attractive returns: Business loans available through Yield Funding Group’s standard program have projected returns between 8% to 15%
  • The team at Yield Funding Group has facilitated billions in loans: Yield Funding Group offers institutions a long track record in the industry, sophisticated risk management, and easy-to-use tools to build and modify customized loan portfolios
  • Quickly and easily build a portfolio that fits your objectives
  • Diversify across asset classes and hundreds of loans
  • Global diversification
  • Asset and vertical diversification
  • Solid Returns – 8% - 15%
  • Receive monthly payments as borrowers repay their loans
  • Potential RRSP, TFSA and 401k eligibility

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