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Yield Funding Group marries yield with opportunity in non-traditional B2B asset classes through the use of leading edge financial structuring, funding strategies and technology in sectors where the principals bring superior knowledge and underwriting.

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SaaS Lending

A key valuation for all SaaS companies is the growth of its recurring revenue stream. A key driver to growth is having debt-financing that is non-dilutive to the shareholders. Yield Funding Group provides a line of credit that is tied to a revenue stream.

Retrofit Funding

By investing in cleantech retrofit financing opportunities, you are not only generating great returns but also participating in impact investing. Our goal is to generate a measurable and beneficial environmental impact with a financial return.


Yield Funding Group brings investors superior risk-adjusted B2B returns in SaaS and Medical Loans from creditworthy borrowers. Take advantage of our comprehensive underwriting experience in these sectors.

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